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Sunday, 18 March 2018

William Barnes in Black and White; Dorchester, Dorset

All photos, Jim Potts

'Twer at night, an' a keen win' did blow...
All a-zweepen along the white snow"

(A Snowy Night)

"Come, run up hwome wi’ us to-night,
Athirt the vield avroze so white,
Where vrosty sheades do lie below
The winter ricks a-tipp’d wi’ snow,
An’ lively birds, wi’ waggen tails,
Do hop upon the icy rails,
An’ rime do whiten all the tops
O’ bush an’ tree in hedge an’ copse,
In winds a-cutten keen".

From The Vrost, William Barnes

Fellow Townsman, Thomas Hardy:

Up in Poundbury:

William Barnes, back in December, 2010:

Thomas Hardy in December 2010:


Pablo Neruda, A Poem; Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens), A Song

Heard on a thoughtful BBC Radio 4 programme (Something Understood, Follow Your Bliss) this morning:

Pablo Neruda, Emerging

Yusuf Islam - Green Fields, Golden Sands

Corfu and Dorset: They Know When to Advertise Holidays in Greece! Gerald Durrell

"It's a woman's world", The Daily Telegraph Travel Section, 17 March, 2018

No wonder the Durrell family left Bournemouth for Corfu!

From my windows in Dorset:

When China Meets Kenya (BBC World Service)

From BBC Radio, World Service

"Chinese and African trade has been aggressively courted. It has now crossed the $300 billion mark and continues to grow particularly in Kenya. Along with the investment, 10,000 Chinese have come to Kenya to live and work. But, how are they interacting with Kenyans? Linda Yueh visits Kenya to look past the economic headlines and instead discover the social conundrums that Chinese investment in Africa has brought about. She hears stories of physical fights between Chinese workers and local Kenyan tribes, speaks to the Chinese who have set up shop in Kenya, and discovers stories of legitimate and the illegitimate relationships between Chinese and Kenyans that are taking place".